masa ash

Urban Neo-Gospel & Soul Artist

masa ash was a model on Tokyo and is now residing in Los Angeles, California since 2009.


Throughout his life, he never learn how to play an instrument nor producing his own music.

However since living in L.A, he begin practicing and studying music.


On his first year, he worked for Death Row Records, along with a few more productions and labels for composer and studio musicians.


Masa Ash has established his own style and sound with his love of music.

​artist, producer, composer, arranger

master of keys & B3

Billboard  #19


「143」Bobby Brackins Ft. Ray-J

「DUO」Leo Ieiri

Billboard JAPAN  #6

A.I. & Snoop Doog.jpg

Billboard JAPAN  #14

「Let It Go」A.I. feat Snoop Dogg